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Make Spiritual Advancement First – It Affects Every Aspect of Your Life

Make Spiritual Advancement First - It Affects Every Aspect of Your Life

Make Spiritual advancement! “As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:” (1 Peter 2:2)

Technological miracles have taken place in the last few years. What were technological fantasies yesterday have become the realities of today. Science fiction is now taken more seriously as it could become real in no time. Man’s creative abilities are being utilized now more than ever.

It’s amazing to know that the Wright brothers made the first flight a little over a hundred years ago. Consider the way airplanes fill our skies, landing and taking off every second somewhere in the world today.

All these advancements were made in technology through scientific discoveries.

Make spiritual advancement

Morris Cerullo, a great man of God, once said, “All truth is parallel” and how true this is. As we have technological discoveries, there are also spiritual discoveries.

This is the reason God anointed us to teach His Word and lead His people into the truth. As we teach and preach the Word of God, many will make spiritual discoveries, and signs and wonders that the world has never seen or heard of before will take place.

As we make this supernatural spiritual advancement, many of God’s children will live and walk in the miraculous that the whole world would marvel.

It affects every other aspect of your life

However, we must get into the Word first, because that’s the only place to make spiritual discoveries.

Don’t be satisfied with where you are spiritually, there are more things to discover in the Word of God and more mysteries the Spirit of God wants to unveil to you.

You can’t stay with donkeys and horses while there are faster means of transportation. The same thing spiritually; if you don’t move with the new discoveries in the Word of God you can’t be an effective minister of the Word of God.

Make up your mind today to study and listen to the Word of God more than you’ve ever done before.

This is the only way to make spiritual advancement and be effective in winning the world for Jesus Christ.

Further study

2 Peter 3:18

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